Have you awakened from a theatre of tears? You know, you smiled and cried, as did the players who once were yours. Sweet one, may this day help your heart home, and give respite from your tireless search down the winds of the world.

Rites of passage

There was a man who loved his daughter. Not unusual, but this particular man was not very good at showing emotion, and thought that people would know, by his actions, how he felt.  He knew that this made them needy at times, and he blamed himself for it, but still he could not open up.... Continue Reading →

Running for it

My old father-in-law, now gone, was someone I knew for the first thirty years of my marriage. It does take me a long while to get to know anyone, and vice versa, but, as I grew into his ways (and he became more comfortable with mine), we got along fine.  There was my city boy... Continue Reading →

Parental recollections

Having the privilege of being there at my son's birth, after many hours of my wife's painful labour. Quitting smoking and deporting our cat to the in-laws while the baby was growing. Being zombies for the first few months because of rocking chair duties to help calm him down from his colic. Missing, by minutes,... Continue Reading →

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