Evil education

Hide around corners.Peek between fingersat things of perverse horror.The fascination of feargrows roots in safe shoes.Then, the corners are dared.The fingers become open palms.The face flushes in the full carnal view.In broad day, fixations amble,cloaked as casual wear. *** Art: La pétrification de la papesse, by Victor Brauner

The understudy

(Originally published as Bewitchery) We kids always called it The Last House in Town, but really it was just outside of town limits.  With its old red brick covered in summer's ivy, its hot tin roof for the cats, and its perimeter fence of spear-topped wrought iron, it looked suitably forbidding.  Especially at dusk on... Continue Reading →

27: Electric babyland (may offend)

I got lotsa babies in here she says to me.  Her voice comes from the ceiling, but I can see her lips move.  Yellow teeth.  No irises.  On the cracked linoleum floor she stands, in stained sweatpants and a T shirt that goes to her navel.  She shifts from one foot to the other, as if... Continue Reading →

26: Fluids ***GRAPHIC***

On the tilted table I lie. Sore arm injected with serum. Paralysis abides. In the dim, I see tools hanging, dangling, clanking in the vacuumed wind of a swiftly opened door. And, in walks DeSade. Aye, what will it be today?  says he. (From his trouser belt hang more questionable instruments.) *He pushes a little... Continue Reading →


“You’re such a strange critter “ He posted on Twitter And waited until she replied.  “You’re just being bitter”  She said, then he hit her And dragged her limp body inside. A full moon had risen O’er the site of her prison He could not control what he did And those who would listen Knew... Continue Reading →


In the dark of your room Something cold from the tomb Awakes you with feelings of dread Seems to float and to hover Then pulls on your cover And sidles up next to your bed Its image is fearsome A face without eyes An energy making you swoon It radiates outward Your hair it will... Continue Reading →

The girl of his dreams

It's three in the morning. He gets up to pee, second time since bed.  Hobbles to the hallway bathroom, then stops suddenly, swallowing a seeming lump in his throat.  Silhouetted against the streetlights of his bay window, there's a figure sitting on his couch.  His stomach jumping as if in a fast elevator descent, he... Continue Reading →

The Seventh stairway

Furtive and troubling, the rustling of things, Imagined, perhaps, in the dark. And close now, the flapping of leathery wings, And the hounds are beginning to bark. Some thing keeps them at bay, at least for the while, As I gather my breath near the top Of the seventh of stairways, to the narrowest aisle.... Continue Reading →

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