The getaway

as a freshening teenage boy just shy of sixteen years foisted from a battle-scarred home into this supposed school of highness he is already in retreat from vitriolic violence from love that has gone from hormonal eruptions from the Bullies Three the ostracization of the ostrich he builds his defences hands upon hands upon hands... Continue Reading →

The answer

On an errand from my town to another (a lazy man's errand- don't you dare schedule me anymore) I pass by the old weathered sign "Trail Entrance". It's a blue arrow, meant to point north, to the left, but now decrepit and flaccid in its old age. Doing a face plant into the dirt, telling... Continue Reading →

For You

what makes a nightmare for you? says the man who's been stunted 'cause his whole life he's been hunted what makes a nightmare for you? when cold comfort is all you can find all the time you must be wary and the heavy weight you carry means the devil's stalking you not far behind and... Continue Reading →

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