In memory

Were I to gatherthe rarest of woods,matchsticks in multitude,and vintage amber lac,I would set to the building of that Strad,its secrets laid bare by an angel. And in its voice would be your intonations.And in its resonance, the beat of your living heart. *** Photo: Eastman Strings

For the lost

"FOR THE LOST" In fog's night, there's a shimmer. A hint of hearth and home. A muted invitation to one who walks alone. Far away from native shore and succor of the soul. Harbouring a longing for the things that make us whole. Fishing for remembrances of paintings in the mind, but finding only semblances... Continue Reading →

Say not goodnight

how has it come to this pass has it all been for love unrequited or that yours has never been seen all that you have reached for all the rare moments of joy every dream, hope, yearning dashed your vessel is frail, dry, and hollow say not goodnight yet close not the door gentle one... Continue Reading →

Hand in hand

We awake from the blessed sleep after death's embrace. Here, in Heaven's womb, we lie, we look. Our breath upon each other a perfume. We hear, in gentleness, a sighing soothing swell of song. We smell grass, fresh after a rain. We stand, with lightness of mind. We see, on the green hillside, a throng... Continue Reading →

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