Furry ventriloquism 

I never knew what cats were thinking, until my teenaged daughter started "rescuing" them, one by one, and bringing them home.  In one case, it was a clandestine operation involving a smuggle under her jacket, and a fait accompli when we arrived. Like many Dads, I found it hard to stay mad for very long,... Continue Reading →

Rites of passage

There was a man who loved his daughter. Not unusual, but this particular man was not very good at showing emotion, and thought that people would know, by his actions, how he felt.  He knew that this made them needy at times, and he blamed himself for it, but still he could not open up.... Continue Reading →

Time after Time. (2)

I'm inside the capsule. I have only two controls. A Jump button which allows me to exit any given situation, and a signal button that requests a return to home base. They wish me well. There's no need to be strapped in, but I fasten the belt anyway. Taking a breath, I hit JUMP. Within... Continue Reading →

Time after Time

Einstein and Tesla were on its trail.  Many more speculated.  H. G. Wells brought it to the public imagination.  I'm asking you to suspend disbelief in favour of entertainment, and to go along with my story about  a trio of garage engineers who think they are one of the first to have accomplished it.  The... Continue Reading →

Buck Five come alive

Hello Person or people who may read this.  My Name is Buck.  To my knowledge, it was given to me as a fanciful reference to ancient fictional characters.  Possibly Starbuck or Buck Rogers. You honor me by being, perhaps, among the first to read an autonomous composition by a nonhuman, or artificial, entity.  Please be... Continue Reading →


When you're home alone, and you don't think about closing the bathroom door, it is one of the absolute certainties in life that you will hear a little thump on the living room floor, and a click click click, as the cat jumps down from his window perch, and pads along the hallway to come... Continue Reading →

Cassandra’s dream

Gerald.  My Gerald, my boy. I seem to wake on this snowy night, and, my boy, my little boy, you are deeply asleep, but you float in my room.  You are a balloon boy on a string, and, bumbling against the ceiling, you drift toward my open window....why?  why? did I leave it so? I... Continue Reading →

Four armed is four warned

In this opium dream, Fraser and his three friends, in a drunken ramble on Delhi streets, had a curious card passed to them.  It bore only an address, and the anonymous youth who stopped them had a strange aspect.  With a look at once timorous and knowing, he had seemed to offer the card, then... Continue Reading →

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