The way out

Cable-carried am I, upslope, in harness. Slow. It is slow. I hear the rollercoaster clacks, each prophesying sinister thrills. With powered eyes I see continents of fogged-in secrets. Sorry horses stand, bedraggled in streaming rains. They look to me with pleading eyes, but I have no help to give. Clack, clack, clack.....a sharp turn. The... Continue Reading →


Under the skin, something poisonous. Like an acid flowing, as if from the Alien monster. Watch out for the dribbling! Often now, there are thoughts that reflect that menacing countenance. A wrestling match (With an Angel, or Devil?) Tenderness, not likened with love, Pain's manifest in the body glove. Sore to the touch, no matter... Continue Reading →

Mister BlueTooth

  Mister Bluetooth Feels as though he is wired to receive, Willing or no, The auras and vibes of those travelling through time with him. Chance encounters that many would not mark Shower him with ceaseless impressions. Some souls seem born with wells of kindness. He returns what he has of this, out of tired... Continue Reading →

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