Lucidity (dream remembered)

In a strange crowded cafeteria , in the company of a young (boy?) of about 12, with whom I was close (and wanted that closeness back). 

Waiting for something (what?).   Joined the line to get a coffee, and found that the person in front of me had taken the last available cup.  Then I noticed that there were some up on a shelf above the table, but they were very small, like a demitasse.  Went to reach for one, but a hand came and took the last one again.  To the right of that shelf, there were some about the size of a thimble, and I grabbed one.  The lady who was pouring the coffee then said “your entrée slip please”.  I asked what she meant, and she said “you have to order your entrée before you can get a coffee”, and she directed me to a cashier back at the tail end of the line.

Disappointed, I pulled my companion with me, and went to the cashier, who was an ascetic looking woman with a sour expression.  I asked what entrees they had, and could we get one, but she said I must first answer some questions such as where we were from, where we were going, and why were we here etc. 

I quickly became angry, and said to my companion “we’re going”.  Down the stairs to the outside we went, then along a pathway until we came to a gated courtyard.  In order to get through the gate, we had to crawl through a constricted tunnel maze.  We made it, and my distinct thought was “one last indignity”.

Got into our van, and I remembered at this point that I had “borrowed it” from my employer’s parking lot, fully intending to return it before they opened. 

We were then driving on a city street, going “somewhere”, and I had  tremendous anxiety about being late with the van, because of our delay. 

Somewhere within the city, we rounded a corner on a cobblestone street, and I saw a Jester (multi-pointed hat, bells, colourful clothes and all).  He was walking on his hands, and had a big upside down grin.

Right then, a very large bat descended from the sky and landed upon him, knocking him down and nearly covering him completely.

This terrified me, and I awoke.


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