Night wings

NIGHT WINGS In Mercury's merciless day I burned. His night was crystalline. On Venus, I rode a ship of ice immutable, thick in its soups of sulfuric rain. My heavy zeppelin floated slowly through landscapes of red vulcanism. Well past the boiling point of earthly tea. Things of sponge grew and decayed in comic time... Continue Reading →

Paved with good intentions

Be very careful when eating mushrooms. That is my best advice at this time. I do not know how long it is that I have walked and wandered, sometimes just laying down out of weakness, hunger, and despair.  I have been poisoned nearly unto death from wrong choices.  Sometimes I have left my right mind,... Continue Reading →

A petty theft

There was a Polaroid of me From nineteen sixty eight Hair down to shoulders Lennon mutton chops Puffing a dubious cigarette Unearthed years later In a shoebox of fading photographs Funny...I had lectured my only son On the evils of booze and dope And, of course, He was the finder And the keeper (I learned)... Continue Reading →

A difficult delivery

By the light of an android torch, down a pitch black path I went. To a dark door, unsuspecting. Fronds brushed my face. I slowed, and stood in doubt. Have I the right house? Plucking up courage from an empty store, I found my feet did move some more. I follow fading flagstones, and there,... Continue Reading →

Buck Five come alive

Hello Person or people who may read this.  My Name is Buck.  To my knowledge, it was given to me as a fanciful reference to ancient fictional characters.  Possibly Starbuck or Buck Rogers. You honor me by being, perhaps, among the first to read an autonomous composition by a nonhuman, or artificial, entity.  Please be... Continue Reading →

To make you smile

Give me your hand. I will pencil a pinwheel to your palm. Does it tickle? I make the @ sign, start with centre. Slow successive spirals. There. I will notice your yawns. Tell you how to cure your hiccups. (Tickle just in front of the uvula) Obey your suggestions as if they are commands, because... Continue Reading →

A chore put off

Through a muddy split window, the wild winds whip. The dark of day descends, as checkered quilts wave goodbye, off to new realms. And I, fresh from a steamy shower, empty the vacuumed dirt of a hundred days, absorbing a dark disease.  

Alright, now.

the knives are hung, edges pointing east. silver in slots, just so. pick up cat kibble, back in the bowl, not wasting. park to one side in the six car driveway just in case (you never know) those small sheets of paper towel you can tear them in half again did you know? don't turn... Continue Reading →


do you see me? can you look, full face, without averting your eyes? if you can, then heaven is true. for I know there is one who sees, unbewildered, and stays.  

As I wake

My hands cup the nape of your neck, thumb the tawny silk of your hair. Your ears of cockleshell. The fine bones of your collar. Lashes flutter on lips. Laughter, then the quiet shallow breath. The daring unvoiced question in your eyes. Shall we?

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