Little Green Wings. (Second reprise)

It’s two in the morning as I write this. Wide awake. After five years of progressive addiction to sleeping drugs, I’ve “completed ” a 60 day withdrawal program, taking the last of it two days ago. At age 67, other than insomnia, I have tremors, elevated heart rate, severe abdominal cramping, brain zaps, coordination problems, muscle pain and weakness, plus nausea. I’ve been congratulated by my medical watchdogs, and assured that these inconveniences will taper off after another “couple of months”. If not, I can give them a call.

Well, this is my payment for past weaknesses.

Woot Woot!

36 responses to “Little Green Wings. (Second reprise)”

  1. Oh man! I hope they subside. Side effects are a beast. Withdrawals are also. Be proud of yourself. Hopefully you can find a solution to help. Sending good vibes your way.

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  2. This is really a most interesting experience — total compassion combined with helpless all consuming laughter…

    Did you know that your endocrine system actually has no organic pump per se & we must stimulate it ourselves or be very not-healthy? There’s only a shortlist of actions sufficiently deep-belly to get it done and, you guessed it, both puking and belly laughter are on that list. Do you suppose we could be having a healing communion on a level so appallingly esoteric it’s most likely much better left mostly unexamined?…

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