My Wife Story

She works all day, all week
Nigh to thirty years at the same mundane place
Nothing to show but her name in the company newsletter
And a couple of gold pins

But wait….there are many friends she has made
She is a charitable soul
Helps the food bank
And a family that’s in need
Offers rides to those she knows
That are walking in the wicked weather

We have a house, bigger than we need
It’s half empty now
I’m retired, with flagging health
It’s been a year now

Home she comes, after each long day
Yet still looks for more work to do before her chair time
(“What’s that spot on the floor?”)
Cleans invisible dirt, rearranges the cupboard
I bring the tea, now it’s chair time
Back she reclines, attracting the three lap cats
Off she dozes

I see her bones are getting tired
But she will not hear a mention of it
Keeps storing and storing more nuts for the winter
There’s an illness she has that she will not attend to
I am exasperated to tears sometimes
But she says she feels fine, just let her alone

Forty plus years we have spent in this marriage
That means something
Fights we have had
Silences we have had
Tired of one another we have been
Unfaithful in the heart have I been

But as I set this down, I think
That without her,
I would drown.

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