If you like

If you like,
Let’s stroll in the snow
The flakes flittering
In the moonlit glow

Then at home,
Out the window,
The ice glittering.
Ah, what a show!

If you like,
We’ll put on a fire.
Or, whatever’s
Your heart’s desire.

It’s so cold
Out of doors
Warm my hands
I’ll warm yours

In winters of past
I’ve thought this is our last
The years, they go fleeting
So short, and so fast.

Still together are we
The die has been cast.
The time since our meeting
So full, and so vast.

Now, we are cozy
Your cheeks are so rosy
The cat takes its place on your lap

Christmas card dreaming
Outside, all is gleaming.
Let us both have a lovely nap.

If you like

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