Until then

When I begin to speaka learned languageto a veiled world, please know that I have always loved you- my hand-holder, my chaperone.

In memory

Were I to gatherthe rarest of woods,matchsticks in multitude,and vintage amber lac,I would set to the building of that Strad,its secrets laid bare by an angel. And in its voice would be your intonations.And in its resonance, the beat of your living heart. *** Photo: Eastman Strings

Running for it

My old father-in-law, now gone, was someone I knew for the first thirty years of my marriage. It does take me a long while to get to know anyone, and vice versa, but, as I grew into his ways (and he became more comfortable with mine), we got along fine.  There was my city boy... Continue Reading →


I look back on this story with the shame of a fool.  It’s been some years now, and the times and ages are a little dated.  Nothing more, I suppose, than an old fool letting emotions get the best of him, and reading more into a situation than was wise. I have been told that... Continue Reading →

A Cuckoo clock Christmas

I brought you a present 'Twas an old cuckoo clock From a second-hand store in the city On its top was a pheasant And it said "Tick-a-Tock" So I thought you would think it looked pretty It had pendants and chimes, An old man and his wife That hourly came to do chores They would... Continue Reading →


They headed down the valley With their wine and picnic lunch. The periwinkles blooming They gathered by the bunch. Happily remembering The times that they had spent As children, in the old ravine Inside a makeshift tent. With jam and jelly sandwiches They'd huddled from the rain And hoped that in the days to come They'd... Continue Reading →

Loss and blame

A person very close to me met his death, at a young age, some years ago. Cancer it was, and it spread very rapidly, a “good thing” for those of us who loved him. Like many of us, he had his faults and sins, and had been an alcoholic and a heavy smoker for some... Continue Reading →

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